IDDS carries out ecological research on changes in the zoning plan. This flora and fauna research can be used, for example, for the Flora and Fauna Act, new housing and nature conversation. The IDDS ecologists conduct this ecological research.

Ecological study and ecological advice

When an ecological study is required on your parcel, we investigate whether there are special organisms. The question is what the consequences are for the protected plants when there is an intervention in the ecological system.

Ecologists investigate whether these organisms can move, the size of their population and which elements exactly have an influence on their life. Then we offer an ecological advice about the follow-up steps to be taken for your area development.

Ecological quickscan flora and fauna

At IDDS we can help you quickly. With our ecological quickscan we can quickly show the status of the flora and fauna on your project. Our ecological quickscan (also called flora and fauna quickscan) takes the following steps:

  1. Literature study
  2. Field visit by an ecologist
  3. Intervention
  4. Effects estimate
  5. Verification with regard to the Nature Protection Act
  6. Conclusion and recommendations

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More than merely flora and fauna research

IDDS is a nationally operating multidisciplinary engineering firm and ecological consultancy for space & development. Together with you we seek integral and valuable solutions with regard to developing locations, both above the ground and underground. Besides our expertise in ecological study (flora and fauna advice) we also focus on the environmentsoil investigation and historical study.

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